About PT. Haji La Tunrung A.M.C


Haji Puang La Tunrung figure that has long been doing business successfully in the business world and fulfills a role model. Many inspiring tenacity for the community. since about the age of 28 years, has been director of PT BANK ANTAR INDONESIA.

Then on the 17th of May 1974 established PT Haji La Tunrung AMC foreign exchange traders, who now are 15 provinces with 25 branches throughout Indonesia, and trading 28 in foreign currency.

In history, recorded in the official gazette by the local parliament Enrekang No.46/DPRD/1996 dated October 31, 1996. More brilliantly again, the world's most prestigious magazine, The Economist on the April 2007 issue declared that, HAJI LATURUNG THE WORLD AWAITS YOUR DECISION.

Haji La Tunrung, also became the third president of UMI in 1965-1969 and at that time in 2007 Dies Natalis UMI get the Gold Pin UMI as the foundation of character education and propaganda. Stature in penidikan and propaganda, also applied to his children.