Frequently Asked Questions Eng

Who can make transactions?

Anyone can make transactions with us.

How to do the transaction?

Please visit our nearest branch, we are currently having 25 branches all around Indonesia. You can contact our WhatsApp number: 085218222245. You can also make a phone call to our nearest branch. Please click here for further information about our branches’ addresses and directions.

What to do to make transaction in Haji La Tunrung Money Changer?

  • Prepare your ID card such as KTP, SIM, Passport, KITAS, KITAP
  • Check applicable exchange rate on rate board or monitor screen in counter area
  • If you want to buy foreign currency, selling rate is applied
  • If you want to sell foreign currency, buying rate is applied
  • Ask the teller at the counter whether your requested foreign currency is available and sufficient
  • Confirm selling or buying by mentioning the foreign currency name, amount, and applicable exchange rate to the teller
  • The teller will record your transaction
  • For foreign currency buying transaction, payment can be made cash or by bank transfer. Transfer payment method require identical name of bank account and the person who makes the transaction
  • For foreign currency selling transaction, payment can be made cash or by bank transfer. For transfer payment method, the amount of exchanged money will be transferred to the person’s bank account who do the transaction
  • Sold / bought foreign currency being handed over
  • You will get a transaction note with your sign in it

How many foreign currencies served?

We provide 41 foreign currencies. Click here to see the list.

Can we sell our foreign coins money?

No, we do not accept coins. We accept paper money only.

Does Haji La Tunrung Money Changer sell foreign coins money?

No, we do not sell coins. We sell paper money only.

Can we choose money fractions we want?

Yes, if the supply is sufficient

Is the currency rate binding?

The currency rate binds once you confirm and pay the transaction in accordance with the time commitment that has been provided.

Can I do the transaction today and pick them tomorrow?

Yes, if you do the payment today. We will keep your foreign money to be picked up tomorrow.

How much is the maximum transaction value?

You can buy foreign currency as much as USD 25,000 or equivalent in other currency each month. If you need more than USD 25,000, you will need to provide a written evidence to us as your purchase reason such as invoices, etc.

If you want to do one time transaction worth USD 25,000 or several transactions with total equivalent to USD 25,000, you will need to provide underlying documents together with its authenticity statement.

Underlying document can be in the form of:

  1. Invoice
  2. Cooperation agreement
  3. Cooperation contract

How do we know the authenticity of foreign paper money / banknotes?

Our cashiers are well-trained and experienced in differentiating authentic foreign paper money / banknotes and the counterfeit ones. We guarantee that every foreign paper money / banknote we sell is genuine. WE HAVE A COUNTERFEIT MONEY DETECTION DEVICE to check every incoming and outgoing foreign paper money / banknote.

We will travel to other countries which are not on the list. What should we do?

American USD will likely be accepted in many countries or Euro if you are planning to go to Europe.


We hope that customers are cautious and careful about the massive fraud through reviews or fake telephone numbers on behalf of Money Changer PT. Haji La Tunrung. It is done by irresponsible party with the mode providing ready stock foreign currency.

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